Monday, February 1, 2010


MathScore is a mastery based adaptive learning program invented by a couple of MIT graduates.  MathScore targets second grade through Algebra students, but can be used for first graders as well as practice for older students.

Your student can choose which topic they would like to work on or choose what the program recommends for your child.    Math subjects are broken down into smaller topics such as in the grade 6 which includes math facts, plus proportions, decimals to fractions, restaurant bills, congruent and similar triangles, with 86 topics in all.

Both of my boys, 4th grade & 8th grade, used this program.  My boys really enjoyed this program.  I especially liked it because I could have them work at what they needed specifically.  Everyday MathScore would send me an email with a breakdown of how my children did.  Parents can also go in and check on their child's progress and alter the time limit on their problems.

Pricing: $14.95 for the first child and $5 for second child and $3.95 for each additional child.

For a free trial click here.

Want more then my opinion before you purchase your membership?  Other TOS crew members also got to review this.  Check here for their reviews.

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