Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Money Purpose Joy"

"Money Purpose Joy the Proven Path to Uncommon Financial Success"
By Matt Bell
NavPress Publishing

With the recession in full swing, reading a book on financial success can be very helpful. In part one of the book Bell desires his readers to more fully understand Christ in our financial goals. We need to include Him in our financial plan. If we look to the bible and its teachings we will find many lessons on money. The first section of the book made me ponder about my Heavenly Father's desire for my financial success.
Part two of the book lets us think about where we really are financially and what really matters most. Do we want to spend time with our family or do we want to work all the time to make more money for our family. It is important for us to see what we really want from our money.
The next section of the book seemed really complicated. I knew what Bell was trying to tell us, but it was so complicated I wonder if someone who really needed this book would fully understand what he was trying to say.
In the last section of the book it became a little more clearer, although in my opinion there were too many steps. The budget guides seem to be very helpful for someone who is new to budgeting.
I am a Dave Ramsey fan, it seems Matt Bell is trying to copy Ramsey's financial plan only calling it by different names. Of course maybe this is the true secret to financial success and both men have come to their own conclusions.
I would reccommend this book to those who are needed to make a financial plan or who are in trouble with too much debt.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

"His name is Jesus"

"His Name is Jesus"
By Max Lucado

What an amazing book. The life of Jesus Christ is played out in this book, written in segments. This book was put together from 20 of Max Lucado's books. It is a beautifully written book with lovely peaceful pictures that compliment the content of the book. It comes with a hard slipcover for added protection. This is a perfect book for a gift for a loved one or treasured friend. This is also a perfect book to read with your children. I plan on reading it to them during our devotional time.
Mixed with poems the book gives many thought provoking ideas. I had never read a book that portryed Jesus in a light that he was not only a God, but also a mortal man that went through many of the same things we go through in our own lives. He knows how we feel and our sorrows and our joys. As I was reading this book, at first I felt it was protraying our Savior in a ordinary light. I was not sure how I felt about that. The more I read, the more I realized that Max Lucado wanted his readers to know Jesus in a different light then we usually see him. I know I have grown spritually by reading this book.
What a treasured book to have in your home library and a great gift to give to those you love.


"Homework~Juggling Home, Work, and School without Losing Your Balance"
Published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Being a homeschooling mom is hard. Throw in working from home, a husband, and household jobs it is REALLY HARD!! This E-Book is written by over 15 homeschooling moms who have home based businesses. They are there and are doing it. They share valuable information for those of us who are thinking about having a homebased business and want to continue educating our children at home.
These ladies' businesses run the full gamet from running a bed and breakfast to publishing books. I was worried before I read the book that the writers would sugar coat working from home and portray it as easy and simple. However, I was surprised they are very down to earth. They know it is not a bed of roses. They know everyday will be full of new challenges. In my opinion, if I am considering a business I want to know that there will be hard times as well as good times.
Some of these moms have their husbands and homeschooled children help in the business and some do not. It is helpful to know what I can expect from either of these situations as I ponder a home business for our family.
There is a lot of meaty information on handling the financial end of your business as well. Hiring an accountant for example is one of the top best investments to help your business grow well.
What a wonderful group of Christian women, to help other homeschooling mothers in our quest to help our families financially and follow the path God wants us to. Thank you for writing this book! Make sure you follow this link to purchase your own copy for only $12.45!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

WeEbook " Homeschool the Rebel Part 1"

The Old Schoolhouse
"Homeschooling the Rebel Part 1"
By Deborah Wuehler

Do you have a child who refuses to do his schoolwork? A child that rebels when you ask him to do something? Then this WeEbook is for YOU!
I am sure that many of you have your days when no one wants to do school (not even mom), but this book is about the child who perpetually refuses to behave, causing chaos and frustration in the home. Deborah Wuehler gives us access to her success with the rebel in her own family. She explains the importance of teaching our children about God's authority and how as parents we are his facilitators for it. In this book there are many tidbits of advice and helpful hints in dealing with a rebel in our own home. Deborah Wuehler has been through this in her home and is able to relate to us as homeschooling moms.
I have a "rebel" in my home (sometimes two). I am encouraged and uplifted in reading this book that I will be able to help him to be calm and more positive. Deborah has given me things to ponder. I realize that I need to change as well~ not only the way I react to him but also my expectations. I can not wait to read part 2!!

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help or advice NOW and do not want to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!

WeEbook "Are Parents Really Necessary? A Guide to Preschool Education"

The Old School House
"Are Parents Really Necessary? A guide to Preschool Education"
by Amelia Harper

In this book, Amelia Harper relates to us the agenda of the National Education Association, NEA, concerning early childhood education. She states 4 myths about what is necessary in educating young children. The NEA believe that only teachers and administrators know what is best for the children of today and that parents are unnecessary. Amelia cites studies and facts to the contrary. Homeschooled children do better then the public schooled child. Children in all day kindergarten and preschools do not do any better then those who go part time. She encourages parents that they can homeschool their preschool children. My favorite quote from this book is

"If a big yellow bird can teach preschoolers on television, you should be able to handle your crew at home!"

How true this is!!

As a homeschooling mom I have often wondered what to do with my preschooler? What should I be teaching her? My daughter is 4 and she loves to "do school" when her brothers are schooling. In this book, Amelia Harper gives 10 educational activities that I can do with my daughter (or yours). These are simple and fun activities to enhance her learning. I am excited to start doing some of these things on Monday with my daughter when my boys are "in school". Not only does Amelia Harper give us great ideas but in the appendix of the book she includes sample worksheets and writing practice sheets for us to use. If you have a preschooler or are considering homeschooling I encourage you to read this book.

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help NOW and do not have time to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!

WeEbook "Beating the Summertime Blues"

The Old School House
“Beating the Summertime Blues”
By Kim Kautzer

With summer just around the corner, I know that I am thinking of things for my children to do, so I will not hear, “Mom, there’s nothing to do!” Of course I always offer that they could clean, but they never take me up on that offer. I decided to read the WeEbook from The Old School House Magazine, “Beating the Summertime Blues.” What a fresh take on activities to combat summertime boredom. First Kim suggests that moms take a breather and rejuvenate herself. Taking a bubble bath and reading a fun book are just a couple of her ideas. Kim also gives homeschooling parents a great balance between fun and crazy ideas and creative ideas to keep up children’s writing and math skills. Not only are these delightful tidbits great for the summer, but they are excellent to use any season. Whether you homeschool year around or take the summer off this WeEbook is packed full of helpful ideas for beating the summertime blues.

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help NOW and do not have time to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!