Saturday, May 9, 2009

WeEbook "Beating the Summertime Blues"

The Old School House
“Beating the Summertime Blues”
By Kim Kautzer

With summer just around the corner, I know that I am thinking of things for my children to do, so I will not hear, “Mom, there’s nothing to do!” Of course I always offer that they could clean, but they never take me up on that offer. I decided to read the WeEbook from The Old School House Magazine, “Beating the Summertime Blues.” What a fresh take on activities to combat summertime boredom. First Kim suggests that moms take a breather and rejuvenate herself. Taking a bubble bath and reading a fun book are just a couple of her ideas. Kim also gives homeschooling parents a great balance between fun and crazy ideas and creative ideas to keep up children’s writing and math skills. Not only are these delightful tidbits great for the summer, but they are excellent to use any season. Whether you homeschool year around or take the summer off this WeEbook is packed full of helpful ideas for beating the summertime blues.

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help NOW and do not have time to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!

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