Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 P Learning / Mathletics

Website Membership

We love this website!  Instead of doing math in the book we opted for several days to have Ben do the Mathletics website.  He thought it was so fun, he did not want to stop!

3P Learning, the home of Mathletics, is a web-based math service, providing children a chance to compete with students from around the world, or to rack up points by working through grade-specific content, which includes step-by-step animated support. There is access to additional games at Rainforest Maths, and the students get to go shopping for clothing and backgrounds for their character with the credits they earn from many of the above activities. There are also games that reinforce math concepts. In other words, the students have a variety of ways to interact with math.

I really liked that my child is able to do certain math problems in areas that they may need help in.  For example if Ben needed more practice in fractions there is a whole section all about fractions.  The kids can earn points for certificates.  They can also compete in points earned with kids all around the world.

Mathletics is an internet subscription based product, with a price of $59 per student per year. If you know the Human Calculator’s favorite number (hint: it’s ‘9’!) and you enter that when asked, you can purchase a single child subscription for $49.95 for a year at their website.

* We received a 45 day free trial to use in order to review it.  (from the TOS crew).


Do you or your children want to learn to make a video game?

My children sure do!  They have always wanted to make their own video game.  I think all boys do nowadays.

Tektoma offers:

*Engaging video tutorials for ages 7-17

*Tutorials of varying skill levels and topics

*Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home

*Natural progression helps develop technical skills

*Customize your learning experience

*Low monthly membership fee gives access to all our resources

*New curriculums available monthly

• Windows XP or Vista (Mac versions coming in the future)

• Broadband internet connection

• For GameMaker tutorials, you need a copy of GameMaker software installed.(Lite edition is available for free.)

You can learn to design a racing game, arcade game, platform game and/or adventure game.
I have two boys ages 9 and 13.  They usually only get about 30 minutes of computer time per day.  Since we have had access to this website my boys have been begging for extra time to use this.  They each are making a game.  They are having so much fun and are using their imagination to come up with what they want in their game.
This is what Sonny (our 13 son) has to say,
"My first game was a memory game called 'Whats New'. The object was to click on the shape that just came up.  Programming the game was the most time consuming, but the most important. The tutorial was very disciptive.  It said why the programming worked the way it did.  I finished the game.  Now I am working on an arcade style game with the Legend of Zelda character Link.  My brother is creating a Mario-like platform game.  The tutorials last between a little over an hour to a little over two hours. 

Price~ $14.95 month or $140 per year.   There is also a free 14 day trial.

Monday, December 7, 2009

All About Spelling

Are you tired of looking for a good spelling program?  Do you wants something easy but effective? Then look no farther then

I have tried other spelling programs, but either they were not very effective, or way too complicated for me to teach (I do have other subjects to teach besides spelling).  Last year my friend, Janet, got to review this program for TOS.  I looked through it and red her review.  I wanted to buy it but then found out I got on the TOS crew.  I hoped I would be chosen to review it and I was!!

I am using level one at the moment for my nine year old, Ben.  Although Ben does okay in spelling he does make some common mistakes.  I have been looking for a good spelling program that will teach spelling in a way that Ben will remember. 


All About Spelling works because:

*It is Multisensory~Children are physically involved in each lesson with sight, sound, and touch.

*It is Logical~Each lessons builds upon the previous lesson.  Each lesson is presented in an orderly manner.

*There are No Gaps~You child will not be left without gaps or holes in their spelling education.  Everything included.

*It is Mastery Based~This program is not based on grade level a child moves on when they have mastered the current concept.

*Has Continual Review~when children are taught a new concept they also review material that they have already learned.

*The progam is Clear~Lessons are taught it a forthcoming manner, no need for children to guess.

*Best of all~ it has Scripted Lesson Plans (this is what makes it easy for parents).


Starter Kit (Letter tiles, magnets, Phonogram CD-ROM)
Necessary for teaching Levels 1 to 6   $26.95

Level 1 Teacher's manual and one student material packet $29.95

Levels 2-5 are $39.95

Level 6 coming soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Dog

by Melody Carlson

This was such a fun story to read.  I sas not too sure about it at first.  I was afraid it might be kind of corny, but I really enjoyed it.

Christmas Dog is about a lonely woman, Betty.  She has no one to spend the holidays with.  She detests her neighbor who insists on tearing apart his house and leaving it on his lawn~making an eyesore of the place.

Out of the blue a mangy dog appears and Betty learns what Christmas is all about.

This book is about forgiveness, learning to not judge others, and love.  Betty finds all of these things and more.

To read an excerpt from the book please click here.

*I was sent a free copy of the book from Revell to read and review.  I am not compensated and am not required to write a positive review.

The Unfinished Gift

by Dan Walsh

If you only read one Christmas book this year you have to read this one!  Dan Walsh will make you cry, laugh, and get that Christmas spirit lit up inside of you.  The unfinished Gift is about a grieving little boy and a grandfather who takes him in. 

The grandfather, Ian, has a lot of anger in him.  The boy's father is his son.  They have not spoken in many years.  When Ian yells at his grandson, Patrick, the boy wants to run away~ so he does.

Will Ian find his grandson in time?  Will Ian and Patrick find love with each other?  Cans a box of letters and an old wooden soldier help Ian to forgive?  This was a great book to read to help me realize the true meaning of the season.

If you would like to read an excerpt from this book please click here.

*I was given a free copy of the book from Revell to read and review.  I am in no way compensated and am not required to leave a positive review.

An excerpt from Finding Christmas

by James Calvin Schaap

"Stories of Startling Joy and Perfect Peace"

  To read an excerpt from the book please click here.


  *I was not given a copy to read and review,  I am only offering you to read the excerpt.