Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Like Play Dough

Blue Like Play Dough the shape of motherhood in the grip of God
by Tricia Goyer
Multnomah Publishing

Tricia Goyer is a breath of fresh air. I have read many books on motherhood and parenting and this is one of the best. She takes her readers on her journey of motherhood. Tricia learned through the good and the bad of parenting to trust in God. Her beginnings started out rough with finding herself pregnant as a teen. She gradually learned that without God he would not be able to get through motherhood. Tricia is real. Her experiences are real. She shares the good and the bad.
What I liked the best was how each chapter is like a mini book (plus they have such fun names). The book gave me things to think about and ponder. I think we all need to value motherhood and with God's help and love we can become a better mom.
To learn more about Tricia Goyer go to her website
She is a writer and has written several other books.
This would be a great book to give a new mom or an experienced mom or buy one for yourself!! Go to to purchase your very own copy. Also, leave a comment here and I will be giving a brand new copy away! I will post the winner on August 1st!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words (Jubilant Soul 2)
by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Revell Publishing

Indigo dream of becoming a photographer may just not come true. She has a love of photography. Indigo has wonderful talent and ambition to go far in her career as a professional photographer. However, will she be able to continue her dream even when her life goes crazy? Her fiance wants her to marry him right away and give up going to get her degree. She discovers a health issue that may just make her lose it all.
Although this is the second in the series, I felt like it spoke for itself. I enjoyed reading this. I was rooting for Indigo and could not wait to get to the next chapter to find out what she would uncover next. I did however have an issue with how homosexuality was brought up in the book. But, I am glad that it played out in a positive way and what God would want, although I personally believe that one can change with the help of God. It did make me uncomfortable. 

I do not want to uncover too much in the book, so I will just tell you to all go out and get yourself a copy.

The list price is $12.99.

Monday, July 13, 2009



Spelling is something that has always come natural for me. I guess I am a lucky gal. There are many children that struggle with spelling. My children are pretty good spellers, but still need reinforcement.

SpellQuizzer is an online spelling program. It is a program that allows mom (or your child) to enter in spelling words and sentences to help a child learn spelling words. You can either type it in or record your voice on a computer microphone for the child to hear. The child then practices it over and over. If the child gets it wrong, the correct word comes up green and their incorrect word in red. SpellQuizzer re-quizzes them on their misspelled words.

We do not own a microphone for our computer and because the time frame for reviewing this program was not very long I did not get to go purchase one. However we used the pre-made lists the program came with. Benjamin, 8 yrs, worked with the program. He loved when he got his word right. It gave him self confidence in his spelling. I liked that it did not take much time for me to have him practice spelling.

There is no distractions in SpellQuizzer, which is refreshing. I liked that the program was simple and straight forward. This program also gave my son a good sense of the keyboard. I think it would be great for children to become familiar with the computer keyboard. The program is perfect to enhance whatever spelling program your homeschool is using. If you have a child in school it would be a great source for them to practice their spelling words.

I can see how this may be useful in other ways besides spelling. I think it would be very helpful in learning vocabulary, foreign languages, and for preschoolers to learn their letters. I would recommend this program for children who are needing reinforcement or having a hard time spelling. You can buy SpellQuizzer program for $29.99.

Religion of the Stars

by Richard Abanes
Bethany House Publishing

I am usually well rounded in my reviews of books, however I must say this book is awful. It is about various religions of the famous Hollywood stars. There are several religions mentioned. In the preface of the book Richard Abanes states that he did not write this book to criticize or put down any religion. However that is what he does. Although I do not believe or agree with Oprah's new age spirituality religion, Abanes criticizes Oprah for her beliefs.
Abanes believes his interpretation of the Bible is the correct one. He puts down other religions to make his interpretations right. It is really sad that an author had to write a book to criticize what others believe. I feel it is wrong.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Believe Bunny

I Believe Bunny
by Tish Rabe
Thomas Nelson Publishing

This is such a delightful children's book. It is about a Bunny who needs helf to rescue a fellow friend (a mouse) from a river. He prays throughout the book for some help. He knows he is unable to save the mouse by himself. He is very scared, but realizes he needs to push his fear asaide. The bunny knows he is the only one around and does not want is friend to perish. He has a great faith that God will help him save the mouse. Will God answer his prayers? If so, how? You will have to read the book to find out. What a wonderful message for children. Sometimes it can be hard to find a book about faith written on a child's level. It has very beautiful soft illustrations. It is a hardback book. It would make a wonderful gift for any child.