Monday, December 7, 2009

All About Spelling

Are you tired of looking for a good spelling program?  Do you wants something easy but effective? Then look no farther then

I have tried other spelling programs, but either they were not very effective, or way too complicated for me to teach (I do have other subjects to teach besides spelling).  Last year my friend, Janet, got to review this program for TOS.  I looked through it and red her review.  I wanted to buy it but then found out I got on the TOS crew.  I hoped I would be chosen to review it and I was!!

I am using level one at the moment for my nine year old, Ben.  Although Ben does okay in spelling he does make some common mistakes.  I have been looking for a good spelling program that will teach spelling in a way that Ben will remember. 


All About Spelling works because:

*It is Multisensory~Children are physically involved in each lesson with sight, sound, and touch.

*It is Logical~Each lessons builds upon the previous lesson.  Each lesson is presented in an orderly manner.

*There are No Gaps~You child will not be left without gaps or holes in their spelling education.  Everything included.

*It is Mastery Based~This program is not based on grade level a child moves on when they have mastered the current concept.

*Has Continual Review~when children are taught a new concept they also review material that they have already learned.

*The progam is Clear~Lessons are taught it a forthcoming manner, no need for children to guess.

*Best of all~ it has Scripted Lesson Plans (this is what makes it easy for parents).


Starter Kit (Letter tiles, magnets, Phonogram CD-ROM)
Necessary for teaching Levels 1 to 6   $26.95

Level 1 Teacher's manual and one student material packet $29.95

Levels 2-5 are $39.95

Level 6 coming soon!

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