Saturday, May 9, 2009

WeEbook " Homeschool the Rebel Part 1"

The Old Schoolhouse
"Homeschooling the Rebel Part 1"
By Deborah Wuehler

Do you have a child who refuses to do his schoolwork? A child that rebels when you ask him to do something? Then this WeEbook is for YOU!
I am sure that many of you have your days when no one wants to do school (not even mom), but this book is about the child who perpetually refuses to behave, causing chaos and frustration in the home. Deborah Wuehler gives us access to her success with the rebel in her own family. She explains the importance of teaching our children about God's authority and how as parents we are his facilitators for it. In this book there are many tidbits of advice and helpful hints in dealing with a rebel in our own home. Deborah Wuehler has been through this in her home and is able to relate to us as homeschooling moms.
I have a "rebel" in my home (sometimes two). I am encouraged and uplifted in reading this book that I will be able to help him to be calm and more positive. Deborah has given me things to ponder. I realize that I need to change as well~ not only the way I react to him but also my expectations. I can not wait to read part 2!!

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help or advice NOW and do not want to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!

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