Saturday, May 9, 2009

WeEbook "Are Parents Really Necessary? A Guide to Preschool Education"

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"Are Parents Really Necessary? A guide to Preschool Education"
by Amelia Harper

In this book, Amelia Harper relates to us the agenda of the National Education Association, NEA, concerning early childhood education. She states 4 myths about what is necessary in educating young children. The NEA believe that only teachers and administrators know what is best for the children of today and that parents are unnecessary. Amelia cites studies and facts to the contrary. Homeschooled children do better then the public schooled child. Children in all day kindergarten and preschools do not do any better then those who go part time. She encourages parents that they can homeschool their preschool children. My favorite quote from this book is

"If a big yellow bird can teach preschoolers on television, you should be able to handle your crew at home!"

How true this is!!

As a homeschooling mom I have often wondered what to do with my preschooler? What should I be teaching her? My daughter is 4 and she loves to "do school" when her brothers are schooling. In this book, Amelia Harper gives 10 educational activities that I can do with my daughter (or yours). These are simple and fun activities to enhance her learning. I am excited to start doing some of these things on Monday with my daughter when my boys are "in school". Not only does Amelia Harper give us great ideas but in the appendix of the book she includes sample worksheets and writing practice sheets for us to use. If you have a preschooler or are considering homeschooling I encourage you to read this book.

What is a WeEbook?

WeEbooks are found here. These are mini reads to help homeschooling parents with various topics. They are affordable ($1.95 each) and a quick read when you need help NOW and do not have time to wait for a book to be shipped. I encourage everyone to check out all 30 WeEbooks!!

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