Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Money Purpose Joy"

"Money Purpose Joy the Proven Path to Uncommon Financial Success"
By Matt Bell
NavPress Publishing

With the recession in full swing, reading a book on financial success can be very helpful. In part one of the book Bell desires his readers to more fully understand Christ in our financial goals. We need to include Him in our financial plan. If we look to the bible and its teachings we will find many lessons on money. The first section of the book made me ponder about my Heavenly Father's desire for my financial success.
Part two of the book lets us think about where we really are financially and what really matters most. Do we want to spend time with our family or do we want to work all the time to make more money for our family. It is important for us to see what we really want from our money.
The next section of the book seemed really complicated. I knew what Bell was trying to tell us, but it was so complicated I wonder if someone who really needed this book would fully understand what he was trying to say.
In the last section of the book it became a little more clearer, although in my opinion there were too many steps. The budget guides seem to be very helpful for someone who is new to budgeting.
I am a Dave Ramsey fan, it seems Matt Bell is trying to copy Ramsey's financial plan only calling it by different names. Of course maybe this is the true secret to financial success and both men have come to their own conclusions.
I would reccommend this book to those who are needed to make a financial plan or who are in trouble with too much debt.

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