Monday, May 11, 2009


"Homework~Juggling Home, Work, and School without Losing Your Balance"
Published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Being a homeschooling mom is hard. Throw in working from home, a husband, and household jobs it is REALLY HARD!! This E-Book is written by over 15 homeschooling moms who have home based businesses. They are there and are doing it. They share valuable information for those of us who are thinking about having a homebased business and want to continue educating our children at home.
These ladies' businesses run the full gamet from running a bed and breakfast to publishing books. I was worried before I read the book that the writers would sugar coat working from home and portray it as easy and simple. However, I was surprised they are very down to earth. They know it is not a bed of roses. They know everyday will be full of new challenges. In my opinion, if I am considering a business I want to know that there will be hard times as well as good times.
Some of these moms have their husbands and homeschooled children help in the business and some do not. It is helpful to know what I can expect from either of these situations as I ponder a home business for our family.
There is a lot of meaty information on handling the financial end of your business as well. Hiring an accountant for example is one of the top best investments to help your business grow well.
What a wonderful group of Christian women, to help other homeschooling mothers in our quest to help our families financially and follow the path God wants us to. Thank you for writing this book! Make sure you follow this link to purchase your own copy for only $12.45!

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