Monday, February 22, 2010

Math Mammoth


Math Mammoth  has math curriculum and supplemental books that make sense for parents and children alike.  Whether you use Maria Miller's programs as your math curriculum or as a supplemental resource you will find a wonderful program.

We are using Multiplication 1A and 1B with Ben.  Even though he is doing 4th grade math, I felt he needed a bit more practice with his multiplication tables.  I emailed Maria and asked for her advice on what would be beneficial for him.  She was very helpful and helped me choose something for Ben.

As a parent I really like the fact that Math Mammoth covers all of the various challenges with multiplication, like story problems.  We have used this as a supplement to his current math program, 2-3 times a week.  Ben will say he does not like it, but he is really just getting tired of all the math we have been reviewing lately.  It is nice to have some inexpensive but well written to use as a supplement to our math program.

With Julianna, 5, we are using the complete math curriculum Math 1.  This is the first formal math we have ever done as she just turned 5 in December.  We are going slow, but she is enjoying it and asks to do her school.  I have taken Maria's suggestion in this book to use games with her.  I am pleased so far with this curriculum especially how inexpensive it is.

Math Mammoth carries many different math supplements and curriculum for nearly all ages.  These are all downloads, so very affordable to those of us with tight budgets.  Maria Miller, the author, gives a seven day tour with free samples on the bottom of the home page, it will answer many questions you may still have.

Prices~varies from $2-$7 each

Visit the TOS page to see others' reviews for Math Mammoth.

*We were given these down-loadable math programs free from the owner of Math Mammoth because of my participation in the TOS review crew.  I do not receive compensation for my review and I am not required to post a positive review.

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