Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saxon facts first

Saxon facts first  is an online software game brought to you by the company that publishes Saxon Math.  This program was designed to help students gain fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  This online program uses practice, review, and tests to help students gain these important skills.  This is a great companion to any math program you are using. We are using it as an incentive to get regular math finished.

The colorful background is helpful to keep the kids engaged and interested.  Ben, my 9 year old, thinks it is fun and wacky.  (He loves anything wacky).  The math practice and tests are timed and as a parent you can change the time allowed or change it to untimed.

At the end of the unit the kids are rewarded with 5 minutes of "arcade" type games (but they are really more math practice in disguise).  This is of course Ben's favorite part.  He really likes to play the games even though he is still doing math practice~and he thinks of it as his reward for doing such a great job on the unit

Before you start on the practice part of Facts First the students make an avatar.  This is Ben's other favorite part.  It is really a fun thing for them to do.  Ben chose an I love math shirt, a funky hat and crazy facial expressions for his guy.  The student can even give their character a pair of Crocs to wear!  It makes the program more personal~ kind of like they had a hand in the design.

To keep track of the problems your students have done there is a chart.  The students have access to see their progress of the math facts.  The are able to see if they are doing excellent, good, needs work, or not sure yet.   It is also a great resource for parents to see which facts their child knows and which he/she still needs to work on

The membership is for one year and up to 4 students. The cost is $ 49.99.  We have really enjoyed this software membership and are glad that we were able to review it for TOS.  To check out what my other crew mates thought of it click here.

*  I was given a 3 month membership for free in order to try it out and review it.  This review is based on my honest opinion and I am not required to give a positive review.

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