Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christian Keyboarding

In today's world technology plays a huge part. It is an absolute necessity to  know how to type and work a computer.  

Leanne Beitel looked at many keyboarding programs that are on the market, but did not find what she was looking for.  As she works in the private Christian school area she wanted to find  a keyboarding program with Biblical scripture references for typig practice.  Sshe decided to design her own.  She came up with Keyboarding for the Christian School.   

"It combines the fundamentals of touch-typing, MLA and APA report formatting, with the added bonus of using passages of Scripture for typing material." 

  Christian Keyboarding sent me "two products for review – Keyboarding for the Christian School (suitable for grades 6 and up) and Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Version (for grades K-5). Both programs focus on mastery of the keyboard using the touch-typing method and drill practice using Scripture references.  Each lesson begins with an introduction of two new keys, followed by a review section for previously learned keys, and half the lessons include optional timed typing drills."

I think this is one of the better keyboarding products on the market.  It lets the students go at their own pace, while teaching them the fundamentals of keyboarding and computer skills. 

The upper level program also covers the following topics: 

  • MLA Reports
  • APA Reports
  • Cover Page
  • Works Cited
  • Bibliography
  • Personal Business Letters
  • Business Letters
  • Envelopes
  • Proofreader’s Marks
Although Christan Keyboarding was designed for a private Christian school setting it is very workable for homeschooling families as well.

See sample pages here.

Both versions of Keyboarding for the Christian School are available as e-books.

Price:  upper level is $15.95 elementary version is $12.95.


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