Monday, May 10, 2010

The Money Answer Book

by Dave Ramsey
Thomas Nelson Publishing

I am a BIG Dave Ramsey fan.  Brian and I have read several of his other books and wholeheartedly agree with his financial advice.  

We have used the debt snowball technique to pay off our debt and we have no credit cards!!  Dave has literally changed the way we think about money.

This particular book gives answers to a lot of questions people have about financesEven though I have read all of his other books, I sill learned a TON of information I did not know before.  I was amazed at hw quickly I read it.  I could not wait to read the whole thing.  

I like the fact that it is small, so you could put it in your purse or car and read it while you wait somewhere.  

I would definitely give this book as a gift for a wedding, high school graduate, Christmas, birthday, etc...

If you have never read any of Dave Ramsey's books you HAVE to get this book and read it` it will change your life!!

Price: $12.99

*I was sent a copy of this amazing book to read and review.  This review reflects my honest opinion and I am not compensated in any way.

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