Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beeyoutiful Products

BeeYouTiful's motto is "Healthy Living for the Real World."  They carry various natural products help people maintain good health.  

We were sent Tension Tamer to try.  


We LOVE it!!  My husband, 14year old son, and I all swear by it.  About the time we received this product, I had been suffering from horrible headaches for several weeks.  I had  been popping ibuprofen all day to get control of the pain.  The day I got Tension Tamer in the mail my son, Sonny, and I both had a headache.  We rubbed it on to the back of our necks and temples.  Within 30 minutes the headaches were gone!!  I am NOT kidding.  I was shocked.  My husband also suffers from headaches.  I told him about this product and he stole it from me!!!  He took it to work with him.  Now when I need it, I have to go ask him for it!  I think I need to buy my own now!!  The smell is actually soothing.  It smells like eucalyptus & peppermint.

  It is gentle enough for children as well.  Our other children do not get headaches, but it does work for Sonny (14).  He has suffered from headaches for several years.  I probably need to buy him his own too! 

I am excited to find a product that is not only natural but actually works!  My mom also suffers from headaches (guess it runs in the family), I am going to buy her one too!

I believe this is a wonderful product well worth the price.  I asked my husband how much he thought it costs.  He said $30 for the vial.  Nope~ only $11. 
If you suffer from headaches, try this out.  I was a skeptic and now am a believer!!

*Other TOS crew members tried various products from BeeYouTiful.  Check them out!

*I received this product for free to use and review because of my participation in the TOS crew.  I am not compensated in any other way.

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