Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lobster Network

"Lobster Network is a new web application that helps you share your stuff safely and securely. The hope of the creators is that it will help to create community amongst friends and strangers. Besides making it easy to lend and borrow things to/from other people, you can also use it to log and track your own stuff for purely personal use. The creators of LobsterNetwork just love sharing their stuff with others, but they found that it was really difficult to track it all and it was also difficult to encourage their friends to come and borrow stuff. Now by using LobsterNetwork their friends can browse their stuff from the comfort of their home and request to borrow whatever they have made available. Then the next time they see each other, they exchange their stuff! Finally, after the allocated time, LobsterNetwork reminds both of them that it’s time to bring the stuff back."

In all honesty we would never use this.  I swap things very rarely with others.  I encourage others to borrow things from us and we borrow from others, but not on a grand enough scale to need a website to keep  track of our stuff.  But since it is free you really have nothing to lose to try it out.

Price:  FREE

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*I was given a free membership to try and review.  I am not compensated in any way.

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