Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ideal Curriculum

"Are you looking for a preschool curriculum?  One place you might want to check out is Ideal Curriculum.  They have created a program that covers Literacy, Math/Calendar, and Science/Social Studies.
The program is made up of nine monthly kits, including such themes as Weather (unit 3), A Healthy Life (unit 5) and People in My Community (unit 7).  Each month has three sections:
  • Literacy: The program teaches letters and sounds, introduces approximately 100 sight words, works on developing motor skills and other writing skills, explores phonemic and phonological awareness, and develops oral language and vocabulary.  Included in this program is music and games along with the print-based materials.
  • Math: Ideal Curriculum works on basic math concepts such as the number line, rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, adjacent values, an basic shapes and number recognition.  The Calendar portion works on various concepts of time.  The plans include a weekly math lesson and a weekly calendar lesson.
  • Science/Social Studies: Each unit has a different theme involving science or social studies.  Within the theme are included picture books, sequencing stories, vocabulary lists, suggestions for library books to supplement the study, and lots of oral language and vocabulary activities.  There are lots of hands-on suggestions in the daily lesson plans."
 We received the kit for the first unit — Transportation — as a download.  I think this would be good for a group setting~ a co-op or preschool.  I would also be good for first time home schooling moms.  I is a bit more formal then we do in our school.  There are some cute songs and fun activities.

Price:  Units are available for $30 (download) or $55 (print version), it is also possible to purchase portions of the curriculum. 

In May, Ideal Curriculum is offering TOS Homeschool Crew followers a 10% discount on a first purchase by using the code: welovekids

*To read other TOS crew member reviews check it out here.

*I was sent a free unit to use and review because of my involvement with the TOS crew.  I am not reimbursed in any way.

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