Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terrestria Chronicles

Terrestria Chronicles, from Ed Dunlop Ministries is about a kingdom of ladies, knights, & dragons.  But what makes this series different is the underlying vein of Christianity throughout these books.  

The first books starts off with Josiah as a slave to the master, Argamor.  Argamor plans on taking over the kingdom and Josiah plans to stop him.  He later becomes free and is taken in by the royal family.

The second book continues with Josiah as he is sent on a journey by the king to castles around the kingdom.  He will learn to trust the king and depend on him.

We were not really thrilled with the story too much.  My boys love dragons and knights etc...  but I really think he authors tried too hard in the allegory with Christianity.

Are you wondering what the other TOS crew members thought about these books (plus the Tales from Terrestria series?)  Go here to find out!

Price: Terrestria Chronicles are available for purchase for $39.99.  If you prefer, you can also purchase each book individually for $7.99. The spiral bound study guide is available for $5.99.
Free coloring pages are found here.  Helpful for read aloud time.

*I was sent these books for free to read and review.  I am not compensated for my review.

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