Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Galaxy Education

We have received yet another math program to review.  This time it is Math Galaxy.  As part of the TOS crew we were sent downloadble links to all of their products to use and review.  I had trouble with downloading most of them~not sure if it was my computer or the products~ but we were able to use one.  I worked with the technical people at Math Galaxy and we tried for a few weeks to figure out the issue.
Galaxy Education says,
"Our goal is to provide students a foundation for analytical thinking in the modern world and for higher-level math and science."

They have several different product types to choose from. 

They have:

~a worksheet generator program.

~ riddle ebooks

~computer math programs

Topics include:

•    Whole Numbers Fun, meant for grades 1-4
•    Fractions Fun, meant for grade 5
•    Decimals, Proportions, % Fun, meant for grade 6
•    Word Problems Fun, which covers elementary and middle school math
•    Pre-Algebra Fun, for middle school
•    Algebra Fundamentals, obviously, is for algebra students


Price: $29.95 for each math program and worksheet generators.  $14.95 for each of the riddle ebooks.

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*I was sent free downloads to use and review.  I am not compensated for my review. 

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