Monday, April 5, 2010

Artistic Pursuits

We have been using two of Artistic Pursuits books for a couple of years, so when we were selected to review a book for Artistic pursuits I was very excited!  

The ones we have been using are Grades K-3 books 1 & 2. I decided to get one for the older kids, so I chose to review Grades 4-6 book 1.

I have no artistic talent in my body whatsoever.  I know you do not believe me, but it is true ask anybody that knows me.  Anyway, a couple of  years ago I was on a quest to find  an art program that required minimal knowledge on my part.  I researched Artistic Pursuits and decided to give them a try.
I really like them because I do not have to be an art buff to teach my children about art.  I also do not have to be artistic or creative.  The book comes with everything laid out for you.  You do have to purchase art supplies.  Artistic pursuits even has kits you can purchase to go with each book.

My mom usually does art with Ben once a week since she is very talented and knowledgeable in art stuff (she did not pass on the art gene to me!) So between my mom and I we decided to pick the book on drawing for Ben.  Ben is 9 and loves to do art stuff.

Ben read the first lesson and then tarted on the hands on portion a few days later with grandma.  He can be a perfectionist in his school work  If he does not do it perfectly he gets frustrated.  However with this art program he is learning how to do the art and not just copy what is already there.  So he is able to put hi own spin on it without doing it "wrong"

I HIGHLY recommend this to all homeschoolers!

Price: for the one I reviewed (Grades 4-6 book 1) it is $42.95.
the other books have different prices.  Check all of them out.

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*I received this free to use and review.  I am not compensated and this review is my own opinion.

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