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Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services (EDUDPS)

Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services (EDUDPS)

~Roots & Fruits~
~Career Planning~
~Write With the Best~

Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services is a website that offers homeschool curriculum at an affordable cost.  They specilize in productsfor dyslexic children although all of their products will work for any child.  I personally think that the name of the company sounds a bit scary and confusing, but I have been impressed with their products.  I was given these three products to try:

Roots & Fruits
eBook~$14.98 **but is on sale right now for $11.25!
Printed pages no binding~$17.48
Comb binded~$19.98

What a fun name for this curriculum!  When  Ben and I did the first lesson he understood what the "roots" were but wanted to know what the "fruits" were.  I explained that the fruits were the words which had the roots in it, you have to have roots to make fruits!  This curriculum is a vocabulary study the Latin and Greek roots in English form.  There are 673 different roots and prefixes.  It can be used by kindergartners as well as middle to high school students.  This will help your child in SAT and ACT exams as well as understanding the meaning of words.  We have really enjoyed this and look forward to continuing with it throughout the year.

Write With the Best Vol. 1
eBook~$19.95**but is on sale right now for $14.95!
Printed pages no binder~$22.45
3 ring binder~$24.95

This curriculum is geared toward 3rd through 12th graders.  Volume 1 is meant for an 18 week run with volume 2 taking another 18 weeks.  The set would be enough for a full year.  If you want to you can use volume 1 for the entire year and use volume 2 for the next year~ if your child is new to writing or struggles a bit then this would be the better way to go.
What I liked the most about this curriculm is that it takes it in chunks and is not overwhelming.  Both of my boys struggle a little bit with writing and sometimes things we have tried in the past was too much all at once.  There is also a daily guide to follow.  I also appreciated the whys behind good writing.  I asked Ben why he liked the books he read.  He mentioned that they were descriptive.  I told him yes, being descriptive is important in writing.  We talked about how the sentance, "The cat sat on her bed." compared to "The fat, fluffy, long haired white Persian cat nestled on her soft, warm, pink bed."  WOW what a difference, can you see what the first one looks like in your mind?  What about the second one?  I never would have had that conversation with him without this curriculum to guide me a long.

Career Guide
eBook~$34.95**but is on sale right now for $26.20!
Soft cover~$39.95

Ever wonder what your middle school or high school student might want to be when he/she "grows up?"  Me too.  I was so excited to be chosen to review this product.  My son, Sonny, is in the 8th grade this year.  He changes what he wants to "be" every few months.  The Career Guide has four self guided assessments for your child to complete.  This will help you determine the correct classes to teach, jobs to work, or colleges to look into.  This can keep your child focused when it comes to college~ no more wasting time (and money!) taking classes to see if you like it or not!  Sonny had a hard time answering some of the questions but he really liked it.  He is just an indecisive kiddo.

I was impressed with the curriculum I received but not the form.  It was sent to me in an electronic download.  You are allowed to save it to your computer, but it does not come in adobe.  The program only allows you to print twice.  The customer service is great because my printer jammed and I tried to print again and it would not go through so I had lost both of my prints and had to contact them to recieve it again.  Also, ifyou do not save it within a certain amount of time to your computer it is locked and you can not open it up.  I feel that if you purchase a product it should not be such a hassle to open and print it.  I would suggest spending a few more dollars and have the print form sent to you.
On the website there are also free downloads for a portion of the above books, so you can see in this is something that will work for your children.
Do not be intimidated by the name Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services.  These products really are wonderful. 
I have been wishing for a product that can help my children improve their writing.  Writing is such an important part of education and life that I knew I needed to find something that would work.  Thank you to EDUDPS for creating your products and for giving TOS a chance to review your products! 
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