Monday, September 28, 2009

Journey Through Learning

Journey Through Learning

The Parables of a King

I guess I am not a fun mom, because before we recieved these lapbooks to review we had never done a lapbook at home.  We were sen 5 different lapbooks to choose from (see above) I let Ben choose the one he wanted to do, I was hoping he would choose Autumn because I know a bit about that~ not so much the others.  Of course he chose Reptiles. 
We hve not finished the lapbook as of yet because we are going slow, but when we do I will post pictures.
These lapbboks come with answer guide, are color coded for help in putting the lapbook together, and in color!
Has any of your kiddos wanted to know what turtles eat or why snakes can be poisonous?  This lapbook will answer them for you.  I always thought that lapbooks were all fluff and not very useful, but these are a creative way to do a unit study on any topic.
I went to the website to see what other lapbooks they have.  Journey Through Learning has almost anythng you could ever want for lapbooking topics!  There are topics on science and social studies plus more.  Check it out and see which ones you need to amke your homeschol fun!  The lapooks come a few different ways.  The first is the say I received them~ in a download format, these run about $13 each.  You can also order a CD rom for $14 or you can orderthe printed full color version for $21. (some go for $20).
In my opinion, I think it is a bit pricey for this, but I am not that familiar with lapbooks and the cost. 

Please read what some of my crew mates say about this product here.

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