Wednesday, September 23, 2009


by Genio LLC

What is a Studypod?

A Studypod is a fabulous innovation that I wished they had when I was in high school and college! It is essentially a book holder. It holds heavy textbooks as well as papers and paperback books. We even used it to hold a large songbook. It opens like a book so is able to hold a book open to two pages. We have another brand of book holder, but it can not hold an open book or a large heavy textbook like the Studypod can. The Studypod holds not only books,papers, and music, but a calculator too!

I LOVE this product. I keep thinking how I wish I had one during all of those studying sessions. It would have relieved a lot of back and neck strain. I am glad we have one so that my children will not have to go through what I did with neck pan. I like that it is lightweight and easily folds up to store in a drawer or backpack. The Studypod comes in three colors black, (which is the one we were sent), blue, and pink. The price is about right in my opinion. It is $19.95 for one. When you buy two or more they are $16.95. This would be a great gift for a high school or college student. Of course it is a wonderful gift for any homeschooler as well. Use it as an easel for painting for the little ones as well. this product has so many uses that it would be a great gift for nearly anyone. I just want to thank Studypod for sending me this product to review and for inventing it in the first place!!

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