Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Read and Share Toddler Bible

Read and Share Toddler Bible
by Gwen Ellis
Thomas Nelson Publishing

When I first opened up the book my first thought was how cute the illustrations were. I knew that my daughter Julianna (age 4) would like it.  This book is geared toward very young children as the stories are very short in length.  There are 40 stories in total.  The stories are all aapted from the Bible.  There is a DVD that come with the book that contains animated versions of the stories from the book.  It runs 60 minutes in length.  Julianna and my son, Ben~8yrs~ both watched in on Sunday after church and enjoyed it.
There was one story in the book and DVD that bothered me a bit because of my beliefs it was the story of Adam and Eve.  The story was portrayed with a "ssssneaky snake."  I have taught my children that it is in fact Satan tempting Eve.  My daughter said she liked the story of Eve with the snake the best, so then I had to discuss with her about the snake etc.. 
Other then this it is a really cute book.  It is small enough for little hands to carrry and look at.

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