Saturday, August 1, 2009

Web Designs for Kids

Click Drag Solutions

When my boys (ages 13 & 8) found out we were going to review Web Designs for Kids they were ecstatic. We received the DVD on a day we were really busy, so my poor boys had to wait a few days before we could watch it. We watched the entire DVD before we started anything on the computer. I realize now that we could have started designing right on the computer while watching the DVD. The next day we started using the computers. Ben, my 8 year old, used the PC, while Sonny, 13 yrs, used my laptop. They both were able to follow the very simple directions on the DVD. I was surprised that Ben was able to make a web page, I guess that I figured he would be too young, but the DVD made it so easy to understand even for me (I am not that computer savvy).
When their dad got home that evening, the boys were so excited to show him each of their web pages they had made. In this first DVD it teaches how to make and design a web page, however it does not teach how to make your website public.
The DVD takes the confusion out of web designing. Learning HTML can be confusing and daunting. This DVD is FABULOUS, not only does it teach kids HTML, but it does it in an EASY way. It gives step by step instructions easy enough for kids (and confused adults).
Web Designs for Kids is currently on sale for a limited price of $19.99. The original price is $40. Shipping and handling is $3.99.

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