Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quarter Mile Math Software

Quarter Mile Math
Levels1, 2, and 3 Bundle Deluxe Version
Barnum Software

Does your child need to build confidence in his/her math skills? Do you want him/her to excel and boost their math performance? Quarter Mile Math is your answer. This award willing program is used in all of Sylvan learning centers in the US and Canada. The program covers Kindergarten math up through pre-algebra.
Are you asking your self, what is Quarter Mile Math all about? Let me tell you. Quarter Mile Math is a self competitive program. The program has two different designs to choose from; one is the race car race and the other is the horse racing (no riders and only in a field~ they do not promote gambling horse racing). Children can choose with design they would like to play. This program improves their mental math. To start the child answers a math problem according to their level. In order for the race to go faster, you have to answer more questions. It is a fun way to learn math facts.
My son Ben, 8, is advanced in math for his grade level. This program reinforced what he already knew and he was able to advance levels as much as he wanted. Sonny, 13, finished pre-algebra last year. The fun game also keeps his interest to reinforce the math he has learned.
There are two different versions of Quarter Mile Math to choose from. You are able to choose which one will suit your needs:

Deluxe Version:

All products in line. K-9th grade.
Additional student tracking system for use with more then one child.
Only $2.95 per month for the family, $19.95 per year, or $34.95 for two years.

Standard Version:

6 different math programs to choose from.
One time purchase.
Prices vary form $39.95~ $89.95 depending on which program you choose.

Right now for all of my Blog readers Quarter Mile Math is giving a discount of $5 off any program! Use the code 7K7A7 for your discount!

Thank you Quarter Mile Math!!

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