Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sense & Sensibility Patterns

Sense & Sensibility Patterns
Girls' Edwardian Apron Pattern & Apron E-class

What a wonderful product I had the chance to review! I have looked at Sense and Sensibility website before and drooled over the gorgeous dresses from times past. I never bought a pattern because I thought it would be way too complicated to complete. I was wrong! The Girls' Edwardian Apron was pretty simple to put together. I LOVED the e-class that I received with it. The e-class gave me step by step instructions with pictures and Jennie explaining each step. This was such a big help for when I was having trouble with something; I could just go click on the e-class and forward to where she was explaining the part I was having trouble with.

Seamstresses can purchase either e-patterns or paper patterns from Sense & Sensibility. I received an e-pattern to review. The e-pattern is instantly ready to download, whereas the traditional pattern you have to wait until the mail brings it to you. With the e-pattern you just save it to your computer and print the pattern at your convenience! What I like about this feature is that if you loose the pattern or tear it then you still have the pattern saved and can reprint it.

The one issue I had with the e-pattern is that I really wished that Jennie would have numbered each piece on the printed sheets; then have a thumbnail showing where each number is so that it is easier to put the pattern together. It took me such a long time to put the pattern together, not knowing where each piece needs to go. I would have loved it to take less time so I could get to sewing the apron.

Jennie also teaches how to make your own bias. I chose not to make my own but to buy the prepackaged bias. If I wanted to make bias, she teaches it so well in her e-class. It does take more time to complete the apron when making your own binding and that is the reason I chose to purchase pre-made bias.

The Girls' Edwardian Apron pattern includes sizes 2-14 in one envelope or download. The pattern is pretty forgiving as well. This would also be a good pattern to do if you are teaching someone to sew or learning to sew yourself.

The Girls' Edwardian Apron traditional paper pattern sells for $12.95 which comes in an envelope with complete illustrated instructions. The e-pattern sells for $7.95. The basic e-class for the apron is $19.95; if you would like to buy the pattern and the class together it sells for $24.95.

Take a minute to browse the website for Sense & Sensibility. There is a pattern for a matching adult size pattern for the apron as well as other period clothing patterns.

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