Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes a Light Surprises

by Jamie Langston Turner
Bethany House Publishing

Ben's wife was murdered over 20 years ago and no one knows who did it. Ben and his children are estranged, he was never really there for them after Chloe died. Chloe started going to church about 6 weeks before her death. Chloe and Ben fought over it, he never understood why she found religion.
Well, this is what part of the book is about. There were so many characters introduced and over 4 people that were telling their own story that is was hard to follow. All of the people were connected, but never really meshed. We would get a detailed account of something going on in their life but then it would be months later and something else goes on in their life. I was frustrated by the lack of a story line and bits and pieces of several people's stories but never anything in full. At the end of the book I felt that there really was not any conclusion or really not much of a book. I would have stopped reading it but I had to finish in order to do my review. I am usually able to be give a rounded out review of both sides, but I just did not like this book. This is the first book I have read by Turner, so I may try to read another one of hers to see if this is her writing style.

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