Monday, June 8, 2009

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling
by Sarah Young
Thomas Nelson Publishing

This small, 5x7, book is a daily devotional for those of us who want to become closer to Jesus Christ. Sarah Young divides this book into months with a date on each selection. There is also a scripture reference at the end of each passage. Each devotional is written from the Savior's perspective.
I really did not like this book very much. I thought I would, but I think there was too many ideas that I did not agree with. I believe that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are 2 separate beings and that we pray to Heavenly Father in Jesus' name. Throughout the book there are references to praying to Jesus. Other then the discrepancies of my personal beliefs, there were a few daily devotionals that hit home to me. When trying to gain a closer relationship with the Savior this book may be a good choice. It is also nice that the passages has been broken down into daily readings. I think it is especially good that there are scripture references at the end of each day's reading. This will give those that want to study the scriptures a way to correlate with their reading. Jesus Calling would be a great gift to give a loved one as well.

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