Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue Patrick's Workbox System

by Sue Patrick

Have you ever wished your homeschool day was more organized?  Do you wish your children were more self motivated?  I for one am not that organized with our school day.  I frequently day dream about a "perfect" day, one where my children happily work on their schoolwork first thing in the mornng and are finished by noon or so. 

I was sent a free copy of  Sue Patrick's Workbox System e-Book to review for the TOS crew.  I read through the entire e-book that evening.  I hoped that this may be the answer to my problems.  Reading through the book I was so excited to see some things that I was dying to try. 

Sue Patrick's Workbox system works by helping you organize and prepare the day.  The table of contents includes:
The Benefits of Homeschooling, How We Teach and Train, What the Workbox System is, Who the System is for, How a Day Works, Curriculum and Material, Breaking Down Curriculum for Success, Life Skill Foundations, The built in Discipline of the Workbox System, Problem Solving and Specialization of Your Child’s Education, Family Dynamics and Homeschooling, and Tips and Tricks and Problem Solving.

Watching the video explanation on Sue's Workbox System is very beneficial and I encourage you to watch it.

There are several resources you can purchase to start your journey. The User Guide (which is what I received) is available in either an eBook or paperback for $19.95 or the book with 4 months of consultation with Sue for $119.95. On Sue's website there are several downloads, to make your own materials, that are free when you purchase the book.  If you prefer you can purchase the pre-assembled material kits for 1 child for $12.75 or for 2 children for $24.  There are also center packages for grades 1-3, 3-5, and 4-6 available for $40 each set.  There are also a few different complete starter packages as well.

There are various aspects of this program which I love, but there are other ideas that just did not work for us for various reasons.  I do hope that in the future I will be able to implement the entire plan. 
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