Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Double Take

by Melody Carlson
Revell Publishing

"Spring break has arrived. It’s her senior year, and Madison VanBuren is fed up with her surroundings and the pressures of life. Stressed out over choosing an Ivy League school that will please her parents, their marital problems, and her boyfriend's pressure, Madison gets in her car and drives west.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Anna Fisher wants to escape the so-called simple life--which for her consists of caring for younger siblings, sewing, cooking, and gardening--and she's well aware that her future will simply be more of the same with a man she doesn't love.
Madison and Anna stumble into each other in a small town. Realizing their looks are uncannily similar, they both think their lives are boring. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side, they make a decision that will transform them forever and switch lives for one week."  

       While I really like to read novels about the Amish- this was not one of them.  This book was so far fetched that it was hard to read.  The only reason I finished the book was because I needed to write this review.  Yes, I know that this was geared more to the youth, but it was so hard to believe that I could not get past it.  These two girls change places because they look alike.  One of them is a quiet Amish girl and the other is a rich girl from New York city.
       First of all, the Amish speak a dialect of German when communicating amongst themselves- so how did a girl, Madison,  from New York get past this?  She said she had a terrible accident and forgot the language that children learn from babyhood.  They do not learn English until they start school so why would she not remember that and forget English?  She also did not know how to cook, clean, or do anything the Amish do.  While the Amish girl, Anne, is thrown into New York-she is not doing any better.  She does not know how to use the cell phone, she has a maid/housekeeper/cook, but starts cleaning and cooking on her own.  The only people who find out are the Aunt and the girls friend.  It really is fiction.  The one redeeming quality is that it has a moral- the grass is NOT green on the other side.  It does have some funny parts too.
   Don't take my word for it though- read it yourself!

Price:  $9.99 Click here to purchase.  (Buying directly from the publisher sometimes gives you a discount.)

*I was sent a free copy of this book from the publisher.  I am not compensated for my honest review.

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